our story

大家欢喜TAKEHUAHEE KITCHEN & GALLERY was founded by Chara Fu, a perfectionist and a dreamer who love cakes & flowers ! she loves to illustrate, photograph, and aspire to bake the loveliest cakes and cookies of true quality to share with the world.. it all started with love.. this humble heart of hoping to share love, to make the world a happier place through her works of art.. having this love and passion and of course the "dare to dream" spirit, TAKEHUAHEE comes alive !
its a long way thou since she first started out in year 2008.. everything from scratch, from popping of the brand name, "TAKEHUAHEE" ( meaning "all are happy" in chinese hokkien dialect ), branding the company, designing of the brand label, illustrating every batch of business cards, brochures, packaging every product.. to carrying heavy baskets of cakes and cookies to sell at the busiest streets during festive seasons.. bits and pieces together with the evergoing love and support from her family, friends and customers, TAKEHUAHEE is now established, fulfilling her ongoing mission in bringing this love and happiness to each and everyone of you and of course to the founder herself.. TAKEHUAHEE is so much more than just a kitchen churning out amazing bakes.. besides her very inspiring art illustrations.. you might love to bring home one of her gorgeous fresh floral creations when you drop by for some good old fashioned cakes too.. she loves florals since little, and part of her gallery has been converted to a florist corner to craft out pretty flower hand bouquets and floral arrangements for her customers and friends.. she believes flowers and blooms never fail to brighten someones day !
TAKEHUAHEE, her humble little bakery & floristry is where she devotes most of her time in perfecting new recipes, and simply in crafting every little cupcake and cookie to their finest.. hardwork surely pays off, contributing in the lovely end product of their perfect delish cakes and cookies.. one could never ever resist those nicely moist cakes of perfect texture with that lusciously rich fresh homemade meringue buttercream.. and that buttercream is dope ! all of us say so ! and her dark chocolate cakes, theres surely one secret or two, or maybe love really does magic ! there is none like theirs.. and you have no doubt over it.. besides her gorgeous floral creations, art illustration pieces, each and every little bake is as well a lovely work of art to the founder, all lovingly handcrafted from scratch using only the very finest and freshest ingredients sourced including french butter, french valrhona, bittersweet french chocolates, fresh fruits, real berries and natural citrus zests.. baked fresh from the kitchen everyday to bring a happier you and me.. handcrafted from the heart with love and joy, guess nothing beats that..

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